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Stephanie Morgan Lewiston Offers Empowering Advice to Becoming a Successful Businesswoman

Stephanie Lewiston is always working on her career. Throughout this journey, she has deciphered the code to becoming a successful, empowered businesswoman

Businesswomen are always trying to get ahead. While there are plenty of capable women, many are intimidated by the culture. Some women are not sure how to proceed, for fear of failure, based purely on their gender.

Alternatively, Stephanie Morgan Lewiston, has always known she was going to find a way to break through those barriers. Starting young and working her way up, Stephanie Morgan Lewiston has overcome many hurdles that businesswomen commonly face. Throughout this expedition for success, Stephanie Morgan Lewiston has cultivated empowering advice to share with her fellow sisters in business:

Embrace Your Talents

Women are better multitaskers than men. While this may not apply to you specifically, everyone has talents. Of course, not all talents are specified by gender. Both men and women have talents unique to themselves, regardless of the gender diversity of their field. Everyone is an individual; own your individuality. Find out what you are good at and show the world what you can offer. Do not settle for telling people your strengths, do things that merits your talents without you having to say anything. With enough heart and soul, people will take notice and you will excel.

Know Your Worth

Every job has a corresponding monetary value attached to it. Regardless of gender or any other factor, if a candidate can perform that job well, they deserve the job. With that, also comes the monetary value that society deems that work is worth. Therefore, it is important for ladies to know their worth. Not only must you know how to perform the task, you must know the value of your performance. Once you realize that, you need to know your worth. Sometimes, you will not get the job because of it but that is okay. In the end, you will be way better off if you stick to your convictions. Eventually, you will find success with an employer who appreciates and respects your worth.

Do Not Be Afraid to Be a Woman

There is no changing who you are. Every workplace has the different characters and personalities. Gender aside, everyone has a role to fill. Be genuine in the role you fill. Dress professional but do not try to be something you are not. Find your own professional style and stick with it. Do not allow anyone to condemn you for being who you are; especially when it comes to gender. You are a woman. You will only be able to perform at your best when you are free of the stigma. You do not need to be anyone else but yourself. Prove that to the world and you will be respected and successful in every endeavor you take on.

In summation, Stephanie Morgan Lewiston loves her job and she is thankful for the opportunities she has been awarded. However, she also knows that her hard work, dedication, and drive to succeed has enabled her to get ahead. Stephanie Morgan Lewiston has learned a lot from her experiences. Now, she knows that this advice will help women throughout the world follow their dreams and become successful businesswomen.

All-Woman Airport Executives Panel Piloted an Insightful Discussion During 2018 AMAC Convention with Stephanie Morgan

All-Woman Airport Executives Panel Piloted an Insightful Discussion During 2018 AMAC Convention with Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

The AMAC Convention was completely rocked by an all-woman panel that gave the industry the woman’s touch that it needed.

The aviation industry has always been dominated by men. However, Stephanie Morgan along with five other leading ladies paneled it out this year, adding insightful discussions to the mix. This certainly was not the norm but according to convention enthusiasts, it as hard to guess. Each panelist was passionate and excited about what they were saying. It was clear that they all poured their heart and soul into being there and maintaining relevance.

Stephanie Morgan is extremely proud of her accomplishment. Sitting up there with those women, talking about her passion was invigorating. After all, Morgan is no stranger to overcoming gender challenges. However, at the panel, Morgan felt as though she had truly overcome a barrier.

First Women Panel

It is strange to think that in 2018 first women panel is an actual milestone. Yet, this was the case at this year’s the 2018 AMAC Convention. The panel consisted of six women: Lance Lyttle, Deborah Flint, Chellie Cameron, Rosa Beckett, Liliana Rambo, Stephanie Morgan, and Krystal Brumfield. Each woman is a leader in their respective airport, with a glowing professional reputation. They all worked extremely hard to get where they are. These women have earned their right to be on the panel many times over. Now, finally, they get the chance and they could not be prouder.

Discussions Throughout the Panel

Ironically, or perhaps appropriately, the women were there to discuss diversity within the aviation field. The women were able to speak in front of their peers about industry issues. This is a major step in the right direction. Having people who have likely experienced some form of discrimination come together and rally for a solution causes a paradigm shift. Having the discussion is the first step in making real, meaningful change throughout the industry. Bringing awareness through people who have persevered helps to clear the path for future generations. This panel proves that women are an asset to the aviation industry. Women can solve problems in the same fashion as their male counterpart. This will undoubtedly be a turning point in the years to come.

Moving Forward

Civil conversation can fix many issues. Problems get resolved when people are willing to compromise and listen to one another. Therefore, while one all-women panel will not change the entirety of the industries diversity issues, it is a start. There always must be a first for change to transpire.

In summation, Stephanie Morgan is honored to be a part of this all-women panel. Morgan has found her passion in her aviation career. Therefore, Stephanie Morgan is excited to be honored with the title of a panelist. Being recognized as a public representative is a great achievement. This is especially because 2018 was the first year that there was an all-women panel. Thankfully, the panel discussion went incredibly well. Therefore, it is likely that Morgan and her co-panelists will be coming back for an encore in 2019.

Stephanie Morgan Exemplifies the Success of Powerful Women in Business

Stephanie Morgan Exemplifies the Success of Powerful Women in Business

Stephanie Morgan

Business Women have gained a lot of notoriety in the past few years and Stephanie Morgan epitomizes the embodiment of success.

The past decade has helped ignite a firestorm in support of the working woman. That woman can either own a business or rise through the ranks as a representative of another company. Either way, support, and success are mounting. Although, this is not simply a social shift that is causing this change. Women in the workforce are proving themselves successful, which is only propelling the movement.

Stephanie Morgan’s career encompasses the latter portion of this race for success. Morgan is recognized throughout the company where she works. Additionally, though, she is becoming a familiar face within the industry. Here is how Stephanie Morgan exemplifies the success of powerful women in business:

Following Her Dream

Stephanie Morgan’s tenacious spirit has opened doors for her and helped her succeed. Her success has persevered, even when the social odds were against her. Morgan always goes about acquiring the opportunities the right way. Once she has the chance, she immediately shows both supporters and naysayers what she is capable of.

Stephanie Morgan acquired a management position within the aviation field. While a new job is an achievement in itself,
Stephanie Morgan was instantly looking toward future advancement. This was done by advancing her education and certifications.

Prepare for Everything

Advancement opportunities are not usually planned or fixed. They can come along when they are least expected. Therefore, successful business woman needs to be prepared. Therefore, as soon as Stephanie Morgan could, she became a Certified Member of the AAAE. This gave her a reputable certification and enabled her to meet an elite group of people within her industry. Stephanie Morgan prepares for any opportunity that comes her way. Morgan is a strong-willed individual. She rises through the ranks the right way. Plus, she makes a habit of showing people what she can do.

Earning a Spot on the Panel

The most recent opportunity that Stephanie Morgan took part in was the all-women CEO panel at the AMAC in Seattle. This panel was the first of its kind and was particularly insightful. Stephanie Morgan, took part in the panel alongside five other women. These were six, highly qualified, top-ranking women. While they are revered within their respective companies, that is not all. The women bring innovation to the industry. Their thoughts are vital to the industry, which is continuously growing. Hosting the first all-women panel is the start of a whole new perception within the industry. The most rewarding part for Stephanie Morgan her success earned her a seat among the six that started it all.

In summation, Stephanie Morgan tries her best to be as capable as possible. Women throughout the United States and the globe a are learning from people like Morgan. Not only are they following their example, but they are also using their story to prove that women are bettering the workforce. By following her dreams, preemptively gaining industry certifications and making public appearances, Morgan is paving the way for future women.

Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho Continues to Soar Throughout Her Aviation Career

Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho Continues to Soar Throughout her Aviation Career

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

For over a year, Stephanie Morgan has worked diligently to propel her career in aviation.

The last year and a half have proven to be a thrilling upward accent in the career for Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho. While it has not been an easy feat, it has certainly been rewarding. Morgan has become an asset to the aviation field; through her work and her willingness to inspire others.

While Stephanie Morgan is far from finished pursuing her goals, she is proud of her accomplishments thus far. Morgan’s efforts have proven essential in her progress. Doors are opening for her that she would have never thought she would achieve access to so quickly.

Early Career

May 2017 marked the month that began Stephanie Morgan’s journey. It was at this time that Stephanie Morgan was hired as a manager for the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority. Morgan was highly qualified for her position. Yet, having this responsibility was still a progressive and exciting step for Morgan.

However, she excelled with ease, falling into the position with tact and grace. Stephanie Morgan was more than ready to accept this challenge. Therefore, accolades she received, as a result, came as no surprise.

Recent Personal Achievement

Even though her educational and field experience gave Stephanie Morgan the proper qualifications for the job, she is always learning. Therefore, as a personal challenge and to help further her occupational prospects, Morgan became a Certified Member of the AAAE. This is no small feat. This achievement is decided by occupational prerequisites, specific knowledge retention, and a test.

While becoming a Certified Member of the AAAE is an honor, it is not a direct bump in a career. Rather, it helps boost a certified person’s reputation. This allows people like Morgan to meet with highly-regarded people in her field routinely. Thus, she has the opportunity to make important connections.

All Women CEO Panel

There was a specific CEO panel at the AMAC in Seattle which received a plethora of attention throughout the convention. This was due to the panel being the first of its kind; The panel was entirely female. One of those female industry professionals was none other than Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho.

The six women are all revered within their field. Therefore, they were able to have a deep, bountiful discussion on their panel. This all-female panel was the first of many to follow, which brings new insight and perspective to the industry. These women set a precedent for a new era in the aviation industry. Stephanie Morgan is proud to be an active contributor to that new era.

To close, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho is extremely proud of her achievements. All her efforts prove to be paying off quickly and effectively. Morgan’s hard work is rewarded both by her direct superiors and the industry. Plus, Morgan is making a life for herself while following her dreams. Throughout this journey, Morgan is learning that the greatest reward is coming as a result of hard work and accomplishment.

Stephanie Morgan Reveals the Best Bodies of Water to Fish in Around Lewiston Idaho

Stephanie Morgan Reveals the Best Bodies of Water to Fish in Around Lewiston Idaho

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

The fishing in Lewiston Idaho is great and Stephanie Morgan knows all the best places to cast out.

Idaho is a beautiful area for the outdoor explorer. Whether you enjoy fishing, camping, or other outdoor activities there are plenty of places to enjoy nature. For Stephanie Morgan, though, fishing has always been an enjoyable pastime. The calmness of the water, the excitement of getting a bite and the allure of going new places is alluring.

However, throughout different excursions of Stephanie Morgan’s pastime, she has come across a few favorites. Today, Stephanie Morgan reveals these favored bodies of water, telling other fishing enthusiasts where she has found success.

Snake River

The Snake River is one of the best locations to fish is the Snake River. The fishing in this body of water is plentiful. Most of this bounty comes from the river being long, flowing out of the Rocky Mountains and going through four states, including Idaho. This helps bring a wealth of different fish through the river throughout the year. Many of the most popular fish that can be found in the Snake River are the Lake Whitefish, the Cutthroat Trout, and Coho Salmon. Currently, the fishing is best with Steelhead fish that are found in the lake throughout November.

Clearwater River

Lewiston, Idaho is home to the joining waterway of two major fishing hubs. The massive Snake River and the 74.8-mile, Clearwater River combine here to create a fishing sweet spot. Stephanie Morgan loves to fish the Clearwater River because it is so close to home and so convenient. Plus, the benefits of the Snake River are expelled into the Clearwater River from their joining. Steelhead is again going to be the prime fish to catch this time of the year, while the water remains warm enough. Fly-fishing is a popular form of fishing, that could land you a Steelhead keeper. When trout are in season, fly-fishing will also reel in some of the many types that frequent the Clearwater River.

Grande Ronde River

The Grande Ronde River is just a quick skip and a jump away from Lewiston, Idaho, in Oregon. It is fun to say, easy to remember and another great area for fishing. Since this body of water also spills out into the Snake River, the 182-mile long river is privy to bonuses. While there are many different areas in the Lewiston area, it is always fun to explore. The Grande Ronde River allows fishers to truly take a trip and get to know another beautiful location.

In summation, fishing is a great way to relax and possibly get rewarded for your efforts. The best time to fish throughout the year in Lewiston, Idaho is March through November. The specific fish is dependent on the season, but it is nice to know there are only three months of no fishing. Stephanie Morgan loves to share her experiences with others who share her passion for fishing in Lewiston, Idaho.


5 Fishing Tips for Lewiston, Idaho from Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan shares five fishing tips that have helped her pursue her passion.

Fishing is one of the oldest activities. There are some people who still use a form of fishing to make a living. Although, most people in the modern world consider it a hobby. Regardless of what it is considered though, the fish tales, superstitions, and favorite spots are still a fishing staple.

Stephanie Morgan is a fishing hobbyist who fishes the bodies of water in and around Lewiston, Idaho. Throughout her years of fishing, Morgan has come across different tips. Today, she is sharing those tips to help people who are starting to fish in the waters Morgan frequents.

Know Your Prey

Fish are not difficult creatures. They can be beautiful, blend in or stick out, and they can be the source of relaxation or frustration. Yet, fish are not all that intelligent, and their actions are predictable. Therefore, the main challenge for the person fishing is knowing their prey. It is up to the person to know the fish’s habits. This includes what they eat, where they live, and what time of the year they are most prevalent. The fishing season in Lewiston, Idaho takes place from March through November. Yet, in that time period, there are different fish that inhabit the same bodies of water.

Know Your Hunting Ground

Even bodies of water that are close together have different rules, sizes, and types of fish. Therefore, it is good for fishing enthusiasts to know their hunting grounds, like the fish they are after. Plus, you want to ensure that you abide by all the rules in terms of fishing and keeping your catches. Getting caught up in a rule that is only applicable to one body of water will kill the relaxation of fishing quick. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to find this information out before visiting your desired fishing spot.

Keep It Simple

Fishing is a simple, relaxing endeavor. There is no reason anyone should not go fishing because they cannot afford to buy the supplies. People can spend as little or as much as they want on their fishing gear. There is no real difference in functionality. Thus, if you want to go fishing, keep it simple and go.

Focus on Relaxation

Fishing is always an experience. It is becoming one with nature and it is helping people move away from their hectic lives. Sometimes fish are caught. Sometimes, no fish are caught, but if you focus on relaxing and enjoying, you will have a successful day regardless.
Temperature Affects Air Before Water

Remember, it takes longer for the temperature of water to rise and drop than it does for the air temperature. This helps people know when it is still a good time of the year to fish. In November, for example, the air might be cold, but the water is still fine for fish. Alternatively, though, in March the weather might be warming up, but the water is still cold. There is a chance for safety hazards with misinterpreting the water temperature. That is why this tip is most important. Always take the proper precautions.

In summation, fishing can always be a relaxing, positive experience. People who enjoy fishing can do so with any budget. The most important part of fishing in Lewiston, Idaho, Stephanie Morgan says, is having fun.

First Fully Female CEO panel for AMAC Includes Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho

First Fully Female CEO panel for AMAC Includes Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho

First Fully Female CEO panel for AMAC Includes Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho

Stephanie Morgan is proud to participate in the 2018 AMAC Convention as a CEO panelist.

Stephanie MorganStephanie Morgan has always flown way above the bar of expectancy throughout her professional life. Yet, out of her many accomplishments, one recent experience ranks among the top. During the AMAC Convention, Morgan was able to be a CEO Panelist and a representative for her airport brand. This would have been an accomplishment for anyone. However, what makes the experience even sweeter is that this all-women CEO Panel was the first of its kind.

In addition to being chosen by her airport to represent them, Stephanie Morgan feels as though she made history. It is not every day that a person gets to make a statement like that. Stephanie Morgan is certainly pleased to have the opportunity. Plus, she was honored to speak with other female professionals in her industry.

Stephanie Morgan

The Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority hired Stephanie Morgan in May 2017. Even though Morgan was highly qualified for the position, the transition to managing a team came with its challenges. Yet, Morgan was able to handle the change with grace and clarity. It did not take her long to assume her role naturally and excel.

Eventually, Morgan settled into her role. Once she found stability, she pursued a new feat. Recently, Stephanie Morgan became a Certified Member of the AAAE. While this is not a job requirement, the honor grants her perks that help her achieve her industry goals. This was a big deal for Stephanie Morgan. Stephanie Morgan is keen to qualify herself for ascension within the aviation ranks whenever she has the opportunity.

All-Women CEO Panel

Five equally established women sat alongside Morgan at the Seattle AMAC Conference. Each of these women came from different airports throughout the United States to represent their area of expertise. All the women chosen were highly qualified and renowned within the aviation industry.

Thus, this was not only a learning experience for Stephanie Morgan; it was also an example of her aspirations. Morgan has goals for herself within this industry that she is going after passionately. Getting the chance to speak and connect with these successful women in her field helps create shining examples of hope.

Next Adventure

Stephanie Morgan is excited to continue advancing her aviation career. She knows her worth, her value, and how much this experience means to her. Therefore, she is going to do her best to take what she learned and implement it in her job. Despite being a valuable entity in the company, Stephanie Morgan knows there is always something to learn. Thus, she will always be ready to accept a new challenge.

To close, Stephanie Morgan still cannot believe that her occupation gave her such a treasured memory. Learning and taking on new experiences has always been a part of Morgan’s nature. Yet, her tenacity and conviction still astound her. Stephanie Morgan hopes to participate in more panels in the future. Specifically, Morgan hopes to take advantage of the experience again this coming year.

Stephanie Morgan Achieves Status as a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives

Stephanie Morgan Achieves Status as a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives

Stephanie Morgan Achieves Status as a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives

Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho is proud of her accomplishment of becoming a Certified Member of the AAAE.

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston
Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

There has never been any question about the dedication that Stephanie Morgan has toward advancing in her airport career. Having worked hard throughout her life, Morgan’s employers are certain of her commitment and work ethic. However, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho has always strived for greatness within herself. Complacency is not something that Morgan accepts. Therefore, she works hard to advance.

After working tirelessly to complete the program, Morgan achieved Certified Member status of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE). Morgan is excited to announce this accomplishment. The main reason being that it is a great advancement in her path to career success. Having worked at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport for over a year, she is ready to.

Eligibility for Certified Member Status

There are certain stepping stones that serve as a prerequisite for the Certified Member status. This is an honor that Morgan now shares with Corporate, Military and Academic Graduate members of AAAE and IAAE.

Many high-level positions require this certification. With it, Morgan can obtain employment as airport management and other high-security, high-value airport positions. Fieldwork and experience with aerodrome procedures are critical.

The Certified Member Program Process

Once the correct status is obtained, the Certified Member applicant must apply and submit a program fee. Upon application acceptance, study materials are provided. For those that study better in a classroom environment, applicants are granted access to the Loretta Scott, A.A.E., Accreditation/Certification Academy.

After enough preparation, the exam must be scheduled in advance. Exams take place during the AAAE Annual Conference and Academies, at the AAAE headquarters. A local option is also available. Yet, this option is dependent on finding a qualified proctor and setting up a meeting place. It does happen throughout the country, several times per year. However, many candidates prefer going to AAAE headquarters. It is an experience. 

There are 180 questions on this online exam and to pass, the applicant must answer at least 126 questions accurately. Fortunately, completing the task online enables applicants to know whether they pass or fail immediately after completion. Although, the official results will take up to ten business days. However, once a person knows they are successful, there is no further delay. Immediately, that person earns the right to add C.M. to their professional signature.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Member

Becoming a Certified Member offers many reputational benefits. Yet, there are also physical attributions. In addition to the signature change, Certified Members can receive a certificate of completion and a lapel pin. This helps to identify them and proves the validity of their status.

To close, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho has always taken her occupation seriously. Although, this new accomplishment has helped solidify her dedication for her superiors. After all, Morgan was already aware of her own commitment. However, this is far from Morgan’s final accomplishment. Becoming a Certified Member has only strengthened her resolve to further her career within the AAAE. Morgan is not sure where this certification will point her, but she is eager to see what the future holds.

Stephanie Morgan Explores How to Find the Best Tides for Your Desired Fish

Stephanie Morgan Explores How to Find the Best Tides for Your Desired Fish

Stephanie Morgan Explores How to Find the Best Tides for Your Desired Fish

Fishing trips can be thwarted by the changing tides, but Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho helps anglers discern a pattern.

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston
Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

Tides are the pulse of the water. Constantly ebbing and flowing throughout the current, tides control the movement of the water’s inhabitants. Fish and other wildlife that live within the ecosystem understand the flow of the tide. It gives movement to their life.

The changing of the tide is more important to the underwater community that time is to us. However, since humans do not live by the tides, there is only so much we can gather from its movement. Anglers are affected by this disconnect because it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint when the fish will be biting.

Fortunately, Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho has acquired a few tips throughout the years. These tips can help fellow anglers turn the tides to their advantage.

Research the Tide Times for Your Area

There is a specific pattern to the tides, which can be calculated to the minute. The phases of the moon weigh heavily on the times of high and low tides, in addition to weather factors. Yet, on normal days, without any outstanding anomalies, high and low tides can be tracked easily.

There are a few reliable services available which track the tides, including the NOAA website. With this information, anglers will be able to know when the best time will be to drop their line.

Know the Movement of the Fish

Fish, big and small, are directed by tides. Therefore, each movement of the tide gives fish transportation into what is perceived as safer water. When the tide comes in, the fish tend to come closer inland, preferring the shallower water to the dark depths of the ocean.

However, when the tide goes back in, the fish retreat to deeper waters. Of course, it depends where you wish to fish, in deeper water, or in shallow water. Yet, for most beginning anglers, waiting for the tide to wash the fish closer to the land works well.

Bottlenecked Areas are an Angler’s Best Friend

Certain tides ebb and flow through bottlenecked areas. This is an area where the land compresses the available flow of water to a smaller space. This is a great place to fish during the changing tides. Not only are the fish pushed through that space exclusively, but a school is also forced closer together.

This gives the angler the advantage, as their bait is easier to spot in a bottlenecked area. Therefore, whenever you can, you are going to want to fish in a bottlenecked portion the body of water.

Know the Current

In addition to the tide, it is good to also be aware of the current. As an angler, you never want to push against the current. You always want to go with the current, because that is what the fish are doing. Going against the current is unnatural.

Therefore, fish will stay away from a foreign object that is fighting what they rely on to survive.

In summation, focusing on the tides and the current structure of the water is as important as the fishing location. Dropping your line in specific places, at specific times is crucial for a successful fishing trip. Stephanie Morgan of Lewiston, Idaho is sure that anglers who understand the tides are prone to attract their desired fish.

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston -- Tips for Time Management in Business

Tips for Time Management in Business with Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

Tips for Time Management in Business with Stephanie Morgan Lewiston

Stephanie Morgan Lewiston Shares Her Top Tips for Time Management in BusinessTime management is essential for every businessperson and Stephanie Morgan Lewiston has gotten the skill down to a science.

There is always something that can be done. For many businesspeople, there is usually a laundry-lists of tasks to be completed. However, regardless of a businessperson’s success, schedule, or availability, there never seems to be enough time to get everything finished. There is always too much to do and too little time to do it in.


Fortunately, Stephanie Morgan Lewiston has tried it all, so you do not have to. While turning back the clock or adding a few more hours in a day is impossible, time management is not.


Here are the top time-management tips from a renowned businesswoman, Stephanie Morgan Lewiston.


Plan Ahead

Having a plan is always a good start when embarking on any journey. Therefore, it makes sense that developing time-management skills would not be any different. Making time for different tasks throughout the day or week helps to make a busy schedule manageable.


Plus, it gives the planner both a big picture and a task-by-task analysis of what they must accomplish. Planning helps to keep on top of deadlines and gives business people a way to mentally prepare for the days ahead.


Additionally, while planning, make sure time is carved out for meals, unexpected tasks, and timeframes for planning your next week. Also, overestimate the time it takes to perform a task. It is rare that tight time-schedules remain intact. It is much better to be done early than to get backed up.


Stephanie Lewiston Says Take One Step at a Time

Time-management is also creating project management. For bigger projects, set up smaller milestones throughout the project, so that you are not overwhelmed. This way, instead of taking on a three-hour project, you are taking on three one-hour projects.


This will give you a sense of accomplishment and help you stay motivated to continue onto the next task.


Delegate Tasks Accordingly

Often, people forget to delegate. They feel they need to be the person with their finger on the pulse of every portion of every project. This is not the case. Knowing how to delegate to get the best result possible is a far greater skill than doing everything yourself.


The point is to get it done and truthfully, there is always going to be a more capable person. Using teamwork to get ahead is far less stressful and far more productive than trying to do everything by yourself. Help your team but also, ask your team to help you.


It might feel awkward at first but often, people do not know how to help. If they are asked to help and given direction, they will be happy to assist.  


To close, businesspeople are always searching for a more efficient way to complete their many responsibilities effectively. There are many different tactics that work for different people. However, the tips that Stephanie Morgan Lewiston shares are simple and easy to prepare. Give them a try and enjoy a better work/life, time-managed existence.


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